Florian Heizmann


The Windowless Gaseous Tritium Source for the KATRIN experiment(pdf)

The KArlsruhe TRItium Neutrino (KATRIN) experiment will determine the neutrino mass with an unprecedented sensitivity of 200 meV (90% C.L.) by high-precision tritium beta-decay spectroscopy. In order to reach this new level of neutrino mass sensitivity it is very important to understand the tritium source properties. A major part of the systematics originates in the not directly measurable gas dynamics (density and velocity distribution) of the 30 K cold molecular tritium inside the Windowless Gaseous Tritium Source (WGTS). To assess these systematics, detailed simulations of the WGTS gas dynamics are carried out. After being delivered to KIT this summer, the source cryostat will be subject to thorough testing and the stability of operational parameters will be evaluated with regard to their influence on the neutrino mass measurement.