Christopher Hils


Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs) for liquid xenon detectors(pdf)

SiPMs are state-of-the-art solid state light sensors with single photon counting capability.With a gain close to photo multiplier tubes, very good time resolution, and potentially high photo detection efficiency, SiPMs are very compact devices that can be used in liquid xenon (LXe) based Dark Matter detectors, in Compton/pair gamma-ray telescopes, or medical imaging cameras. Whereas the temperature in LXe (-100°C) greatly reduces dark counts, SiPMs need to be optimized to be sensitive at the xenon scintillation wavelength of 178 nm. Other challenges include the ultrapure enviroment necessary to run these detectors, and thermal cycles of ~200 K. At Mainz, we are in the process of testing two types of SiPMs in LXe. I will report on the current status of these studies.